DairyVIP Project Introduction

DairyVIP (Dairy Value Iteration Program) is a computer program that first calculates (optimal) breeding and replacement decisions for individual dairy cows and then calculates many technical and financial herd statistics for a herd of dairy cows that are managed following the calculated breeding and replacement decisions.

Dairy producers, extension faculty, other advisors, and researchers frequently have a need to evaluate the technical and financial consequences of changes in dairy herd management and prices. Of interest are, for example, the expected consequences of improved reproductive efficiency, increased milk production per cow, reduced involuntary culling, or increased heifer purchase costs.

Changes in herd management or prices affect optimal breeding and replacement decisions and consequently the herd structure such as the frequency of number of cows by days in lactation, the frequency of number cows that are pregnant vs. nonpregnant, etc. Therefore, the consequences of changes in herd structure (and prices) are difficult to determine without the help of a computer program such as DairyVIP.